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To listen to the dramatised audio tour, click on the button above. The tour takes up to 55 minutes if you listen to all the commentary.

If you are short of time, you can jump to any part of the tour using the links below.

All the people you hear in the tour are fictional except for Margaret Rutherford who was the daughter of the Rev. Thomas Rutherford. They are based on people of that place and time, and each accurately speaks of their historical period.

Tour Stage
Starting the Tour
Finnian the Culdee : Christianity comes to Dunkeld
History of the building
Erskyn the Stone Mason : Building the Cathedral

The Organ
Hear and learn about the organ

Dunkeld Cathedral in the 13th Century
Canon Symon : What happened to the Cathedral?

The Restoration of Dunkeld Cathedral in 1908
Margaret Rutherford : About Sir Donald Currie

Dunkeld Cathedral in the Middle Ages
Canon Symon : Imagining the Cathedral in medieval times
About the East Window and Cathedral Restoration
Canon Symon : About the ‘sedilla’

Of Battles and Memorials
Black Watch Memorial and the Battle of Dunkeld
Ian Gordon, a Cameronian Soldier : The Day of Battle

The Wolf of Badenoch
The Wolf of Badenoch

The Priest’s Squint
The Priest’s Squint and the Regimental Colours on the North Wall

The Chapter House
Music (Neil Gow) and sounds of Dunkeld Cathedral

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